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Carlos Cervilla
"Revival & Warm Nights"

The Madrid based producer delivers a double slice of fine Balearica

Carlos Cervilla is a composer and producer from Madrid. His music brings to mind the magic and the hedonism of the days of sun and sand on the island of Ibiza, portraying the eternal sunsets and long party filled evenings.
Here at United we are pleased to welcome Carlos to the family. His two tracker is a slice of pure Balearic summer. The release opens up with "The Revival" a shimmering meld of smooth rolling bass synths, lazy brass synths, laid back grooves, smooth guitar riffs all tied together with his distinctive Mediterranean touch.
"Warm Nights" follows on. It is a laid back slice of balearica driven by smooth Spanish guitar. The subtle keys, slick vocals and snappy drums tie the track together in one sun-filled treat.

Written & Produced by Carlos Cervilla.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2017 United Recordings

1. The Revival
2. Warm Nights