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"Here Comes The Sun"

Situation are a collective of Disco DJs, producers, editors and musicians hailing from the The Five Valleys in the UK. Here at United we are pleased to welcome their smooth, cool brand of downtempo chill-house back onto the roster.
“Here Comes The Sun” is one part laid-back and smooth, one part a jazzy groover and one part lounge house. All wrapped up with the pure vibe of summer. Perfect for the time of the season.
The track comes in three perfectly formed flavors. The original mix is first up. Jazzy Rhodes, mellow bass and poolside groove all form the perfect back drop to the sultry vocal from Lauren Rimell. The “Pool Side Remix” strips things back by flipping back on the grooves and upping the synthwashes, smooth guitar and mellow Rhodes keys. Perfect for the early evening warm up. To round off the package collective member “Mr Mulatto” chips in his “Rise Mix” which is a groovy houser. It adds in vibey drum machine grooves and elaborates on Laurens soulful vocal for the perfect 10pm slot.
Enjoy the summer. United

Written by Rimell, Wilson, Vacara, Thompson & Payne.
Produced by Situation.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) and (C) 2015 United Recordings

1. Here Comes The Sun
2. Here Comes The Sun [Pool Side Remix]
3. Here Comes The Sun [Mr Mulatto's Rise Mix]