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Audio Affair
"Triumph And Paradox"

A melting pot of cosmo techy rhythms, filmic soundscapes, mellow aural landscapes all produced with a hint of sunshine.

Audio Affair are three friends, sound designers & musicians who work together Milan's "Bips Studio". They are Tony Carrasco, who takes care of the sound direction, programming and keyboards, Maurizio Giannotti who plays guitar and keyboards and Saxophonist and knob twiddler Nicola Calgary. Tony Carrasco is also known as the one half of Klein and MBO (he is Klein), the duo which created the top 100 of all time dance anthem "Dirty Talk". Nicola Calgary used to be Eros Ramazotti's (Italian International Pop Artist) live tour sax player. Maurizio Giannotti (AKA McMaw), a talented Milan based recording engineer and musician.
The music of Audio Affair is a melting pot of cosmo techy rhythms, filmic soundscapes, mellow aural landscapes all produced with a hint of sunshine. Their debut album "Triumph And Paradox" brings all these influences into a ten song epic. The album is named after the long and varied journey the group embarked on for its creation.
And so onto the music; Things open up with "Primavera", a beat driving, dreamy downtempo cut driven by a smooth sax line and vocal samples. Recent single "Chasma Boreale" may be named after a canyon on Mars but the music is a pure Asian / Balearic cross over bliss fest. The tune features as its centre point a Rhodes based keyboard riff. On top of this the trio have added a, pensive string pads, vocal chants, Asian percussive shakers and beats and tabla. "Spectro Exploration" drives the album with its solid grooves, native American chants and haunting keyboard lines.
"Meriem" sets the balearic boat a sail, hand drums, guitar stabs and warm, lush pads, delivering a small slice of permanent summer sun. "Living the Lie" cranks up the smooth jazz quotient a notch and features the smooth vocals and subtle rap, all on top of slick grooves and a blissful groove. "Voyage Lover" quirks things up a bit with its sleezy sax riff, slick beats and samples all underpinned by a slightly wonky acoustic bass. "Oxidise Sisters" drives along with funky chopped guitar and early evening groove
"Stargazing Opus" is a slow 80s synth led groover taken to the max with a plucky synth and overdriven lead guitar lines. Think a mellow Top Gun Theme. "Electrogunnz" features stabby strings, a locked on groove, smooth classical guitar and a clever use of samples. "AcidPhazer" notches up the dance groove with its acid lines, stabby bright keys and on point attitude.
Over all the album is a real treat. A mixture of sounds, genres and styles all uniquely slick and uniquely Audio Affair.

Produced by Tony Carrasco for Dreamcatcher Productions
All Keyboards,Drums & Hybrid Percussion Noises Programming by:McMaw & Tony Carrasco
Tenor Sax & Clarinet Pleasure Performed by Nicola Calgari
Guitars 3000 Performed by McMaw
All music written by:
Tony Carrasco, Maurizio Giannotti and Nicola Calgari
All Songs Recorded,Mixed & Edited By Tony Carrasco and McMaw
Engineered by McMaw &Tony Carrasco at Bips Studio 2016
Audio Affair are Tony Carrasco, McMaw & Nick Calgary
(P) & (C) 2017 United Recordings

1. Primavera
2. Chasma Boreale
3. Spectro Exploration
4. Meriem
5. Living The Life
6. Voyage Lover
7. Oxidie Sisters
8. Stargazing Opus
9. Electrogunnz
10. AcidPhazer