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Audio Affair are three friends, sound designers & musicians who work together in a famous recording studio in Milan called 'Bips Studios. They are Tony Carrasco, who takes care of the sound direction, programming and keyboards, Maurizio Giannotti who plays guitar and keyboards and Saxophonist and knobb twiddler Nicola Calgary.

Audio Affair is a musical project of 3 close friends who used to run, record, write and engineer for many Italian and international recording artist around the world in a recording studio based in Milan, Italy, back in the day mid 80s.

In 1982 Tony Carrasco met Nick Calgary who owned Bips Studio, Tony Carrasco rented out the studio with Nick, where they engineered and remixed the hugely successful Italodance hit called ‘Maraciabo’ performed by Luisa Lu Colombo which was released on Moon Records, after the remix success they signed to EMI Italy. A friendship developed up to today with Nick Calgary, Tony Carrasco decided to work fulltime at Bips Studio writing, producing and remixing many recordings, if you look at Carrasco’s releases you will see credited “Recorded,Mixed & Engineered at Bips Studio Milan Italy. In 1990, as the studio becomes highly successful, Nick hires fulltime as in-house engineer at Bips Studio Maurizio Giannotti, a talented recording engineer and musician, and so it was that the Audio Affair triumvirate (Tony Carrasco,Maurizio Giannotti,Nick Calgary) was born.

Bips Studio today is a mastering and post-production setup with 2 studios, one in Milan italy and the second studio in Ticino, Switzerland; both studios are where Audio Affair tracks are recorded and produced. The Audio Affair music is a blueprint of cosmo techy rhythms with soundtrackish landscapes all produced with a hint of sunshine.

Tony Carrasco lives and constantly travels around Milan, Ticino (Switzerland) and Europe where he usually spends 7 months per year whereas the remaining months he likes to spend them in the sunny Miami Florida, recording, writing music & djing. Nick Calgary lives in Ticino (Switzerland) and Maurizio Giannotti lives in Milan, they also travel back and forth between both cities when they write and perform.

The Audio Affair soundscapes are produced in 3 places Milan, Ticino and Miami. The writing and recording stages begins with Tony Carrasco and Maurizio Giannotti programming and recording music atmospheres, once this stage is over the various recording sessions with Nick Calgary’s sensual sax, melodic signatures and riffs begin.

Tony Carrasco is also know as the one half of Klein and MBO (he is Klein), the duo which created the top 100 of all time dance anthem “Dirty Talk”. Nick Calgary used to be Eros Ramazotti’s (Italian International Pop Artist) live tour sax player.

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Audio Affair : Chasma Boreale
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