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"Out To Sea"

Sunharbour are a London based collective of 14 musicians based around guitarist and producer Simon Kusnierek. Their varied sounds mixes organic jazz grooves, an onboard string section, acoustic-guitar based song based sensibilities and layers of intricate musicianship. Vocals are provided by a Tnisha Johnson, Rachel Huggins, Nancy J Brown & Junior Williams.
As you would expect from a 14 member pool of influences the Sunharbour sound is wide and expansive. The music is downtempo and grown up…. part Zero 7 sheen, part Penguin Café presence, part trip-hop groove, part summer beat movie soundtrack but all focused around a core of great songs.
Opening things up is “Ain’t All That” a wandering excursion into summer days, uplifting strings and Nick Drake guitars. “Mind Echoes” trips into melancholy territory with London based Junior Williams delivering a finely mood setting vocal over fluid grooves and triphop beats . Insurgence is all about the building of musical tension via jazzier, musical textures. “Welcome Home” juxtaposes programmed beats and bass with free flowing chamber orchestra string washes.
Recent single, “Wisdom” creates a haunting and poignant pause in the record before 'Sailing' mixes in some earthy picked-guitar and mellow synth-lines to create a summers day Penguin-Café style soundtrack. “Anticipation” returns to summer days this time with Tnisha pairing with Spanish guitar and themes. “Mirrors” takes the album down a darker, haunting crescent.
With 'A Spark' Junior once again takes on the lead vocal duty, to deploy his breathy, soulful swinging presence to bear. “Strange” mixes in swinging beats, Celtic strings and moody brass stabs. The record finishes off with the darkly brilliant “The Night” and the forlorn “Alone”.
Their debut album has been years in the making but resulting record (which was recorded at Abbey Road) was definitely worth the wait.

All tracks written and produced by Simon Kusnierek. Published by Dharma Songs
Lyrics written by vocalist on featured track
String Arrangements Simon Kusnierek and Lou Dixon
Recorded by Simon Kusnierek and Kris Burton at Abbey Road and Sunharbour Studios
Mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road
The Players
Vocals Jazz Bailey, tracks 2,5,9
Vocals Tnisha Johnson, tracks 1,4,6,7,11
Vocals Rachel Huggins, tracks 3
Vocals Nancy J Brown, tracks 12
Backing Vocals Sam Collett, tracks 2,5,9
Backing Vocals Tnisha Johnson tracks, 5,9
Backing Vocals Junior Williams, tracks 8
Backing Vocals Rachel Huggins, tracks 8
Backing Vocals Lee Eksioglu, track 9
Bass Simon Marshall, tracks 1,2,3,5,7,9,10,12
Drums Lee Eksioglu, tracks 1,5,7
Percussion Dean Oram, track 7
Trumpet Simon Taylor, tracks 1,5,7,9,12
Sax Scott Brooker, track 7
Keyboards Ben Frost, track 2,12
Cello Lou Dixon, tracks 1,3,6,10,12
Cello Carina Drury, 4,5,7,9,12
Viola Nicola Blakey, tracks 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12
Violin Francesca Simmons, tracks 1,3,6,10,12
Violin Sarah Telman, tracks 1,3,6,10
Violin Lucy Cooke , tracks 5,9
Violin Lara Viskovich, tracks 5,9
Violin Alison Wyatt , track 7
All other instruments sounds and noises Simon Kusnierek
Out To Sea is dedicated to my dad.
Big Up's to all the musicians that helped me make this album and all that have worked with me along the way performing and writing. Special thanks to my family, andy sloman, sam collett, si melhuish, neil pymer, kris burton, alex wharton, byron at sound solution studios (putting up with riduclous rehearsals), architeq debo, danny mac, sven richards, frank grimshore, leo the lion, flow, dean oram, del glasspool, farren glasspool, natalie scott, rob clarson, hannah goodall, vanessa mcgowen, arthur bassingham
(P) & (C) August Day Under exclusive Licence to United Recordings

1. Ain't All That
2. Mind Echos
3. Insurgence
4. Welcome Home
5. Wisdom
6. Sailing
7. Anticipation
8. Mirrors
9. A Spark
10. Strange
11. The Night
12. Alone