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Charm And Strange
"Somewhere In My Heart"

Charm and Strange are Tom Scott and Harry Purser

Charm and Strange are Tom Scott and Harry Purser, one coming a formal jazz/classical background, the other a valve/analogue hardcase. They make music the hard way: capturing performances rather sequencing on computers.
Using an arsenal of vintage gear, the duo mix up John Carpenter synths, lush orchestral arrangements and New-Wave beats. The sound is melodic, multilayered, raw and live. With an output spanning dark techno and acoustic/classic reworkings of trance classics, Charm and Strange are the perfect addition to the United roster.
With remixes from Max Essa and James Bright, "Somewhere In My Heart" is a strong offering from this relatively new production outfit.

Written by Roddy Frame.
Produced by Charm & Strange.
Published by Universal Music Publishing.
(P) & (C) 2012 United Recordings

1. Somewhere In My Heart
2. Somewhere In My Heart [Max Essa Shinjuku Remix]
3. Somewhere In My Heart [James Bright Downtempo Version]