UTD6024: Audio Affair – Chasma Boreale

UTD6024: Audio Affair - Chasma Boreale

Up next on United we are pleased to feature the 3rd single from the Italian collective, Audio Affair. Audio Affair are three friends, sound designers & musicians who work together in a famous recording studio in Milan called “Bips Studio”. They are Tony Carrasco (of Klein and MBO fame), who takes care of the sound direction, programming and keyboards, Maurizio Giannotti who plays guitar and keyboards and Saxophonist and knob twiddler Nicola Calgary. The trio meet up in their studio to create smooth, accessible and interesting downtempo and Balearic music.

Audio Affair return to United Recordings, with their third single ahead of a forthcoming album. “Chasma Boreale” may be named after a canyon on Mars but the music is a pure Asian / Balearic cross over bliss fest. The tune features as its centre point a Rhodes based keyboard riff. On top of this the trio have added a, pensive string pads, vocal chants, Asian percussive shakers and beats and tabla. While it may not work on paper is all works on the record and aurally it is a real treat.

For the remix Macedonian based Marga Sol strips things back into a chilled groove. She adds on lazy-summer guitar, smoldering trumpet and lethargic rhythms. All the while keeping the catchy keyboard riff and vocal chants at the forefront of the track.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Audio Affair album on United Recordings.

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