UTD6015: Almunia – The Shiny River

UTD6015: Almunia - The Shiny RiverAlmunia is a new signing to us here at United and we couldn’t be happier to have the duo on board! With some fantastic releases on No Static Recordings and Claremont 56 we were very excited to see what would be delivered to the United Recordings HQ.

Easing you in to the single, the duo have started off with ‘The Shiny River’, this elegant, soft hearted track compiles energetic synth lines over back seated drum patterns. The whistful vocal contrasts the melodic over tones with slightly warped edges, all gently culminating together for this blissed out introduction.

Next up is ‘Feel Love’ which drifts out into the open with a down tempo groove, the mood enhances with some pokey disco synths that have a full embodiment of style. Guitar riffs dart around the back of the mix and create a masterful texture split.

Rounding off the single is ‘The Meaning Of Time’ which combines the softer sides of acoustic flare with the easy listening of relaxed disco rhythms. The progression builds into a sublime break down, introducing the vocals which carry you through to a suitably relaxed round off of the single.


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