UTD6012: Eren Erdol – Alone In Brugge & Addicted

UTD6012: Eren Erdol - Eren Erdol is a jazz producer based out of Istanbul. His professional music career began after he started playing drums at a young age, a skill that took him across the continent as a live player as well as a session musician. Like many, his aspirations turned to production after years of work with prominent engineers and studios. 
In July 2011, Erdol completed his first EP “Late Night Dreams”.

A year later and Eren has honed his craft further and found his way to United Recordings. We present a double A-Side single featuring the tracks ‘Alone In Brugge’ and ‘Addicted’. As you can imagine, both tracks are lead predominantly by strong rhythmic content. ‘Alone In Brugge’ is steered by a elastic backbone of Jazz grooves, bold piano chops and warm bass tones. It’s complex and layered with saxophone solo and synth under-currents to complete a sound that we can only describer as ‘augmented live Jazz’.

‘Addicted’ continues in a similar vein, but the harmonic content is all more dissonant, creating an ebb and flow of stasis in the keys that ring out over the swung beats. The production is some of the best we’ve heard. Enjoy!


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