UTD6007: Audio Luxury – Flying Notes

UTD6007: Audio Luxury - Hailing from Ulyanovsk, Russia, Alik Faeshanov a.k.a Audio Luxury has mastered the art of crisp, clean disco-fused productions. His stunning two-track single for United recordings is, in our eyes (and ears), up there with some of the finest electronic downtempo music available.

‘Flying Notes’ is a exercise in mood programming, it’s momentum is lead by a fluctuating arpeggio, a relatively simple device, but it’s the way he incorporates it with the other elements that has us won. bounding chords and synthesizer flourishes light up the mix, help strong by a smooth, crisp drum beat. It’s a joy on headphones and speakers alike.

‘Think About You’ utilises a similar palette of sound but the structure has more bounce and funk. The feeling is enhanced by the chicken-grease guitar picks and delayed fluted phrases that entwine around the beat.

Expect more from this talented Russian on United in the near future!


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