Dmitry Raschepkin

Dmitry Raschepkin

Dmitry Raschepkin is a guitarist and composer from the Russian city – Moscow. He was born in 1980. He has been playing guitar since 13 years old. Before 2006 he played in different rock-jazz-reggae bands as a solo guitarist. Starting from 2006 he was keen on the electronic Down Tempo music and recorded his first works in this style. From 2008 to 2010 he was published in the series of the chill out compilations of Four Seasons on the Pitch Music Russian Label.

He also collaborates with a singer Jane Maximova as a solo guitarist and records joint works on the same label. In 2012 “Morning Bird” track recorded with Jane Maximova was added into Lounge Du Soleil Vol.13 which was released on Lemongrassmusic label.

At the moment the musician records his first album.

Some musicians who had influence on Dmitry: Kings of Convenience, Toco, Gabin, Koop, Minus 8, Bent, Gary B, De-Phazz, Ive Mendes, Mindtrap, Diana Krall.

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