Polar Rundfunk

Polar Rundfunk is a new Danish electronic duo made of the strong minds and great talent of Christian Rønn & Berry Sode.

Christian Rønn (AKA Ganga) is primarily known for his down tempo roductions that are featured on more than 100 compilations worldwide. On labels like Hed Kandi, Pschent, George V, Sony Music, EMI, Universal, Warner, Lifted House, Wagram, Music For Dreams, Defected and many more.

Polar Rundfunk

Berry Sode is the owner and producer at Zyberbird and his producer and composer credits include Atomic Kitten, Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds), Emma Lanford (Mousse T), Maria Montel, Bikini, Ghost, Superstar, UpDate, Daydreamer, Mucho De luxe, Rene Dif (Aqua), Claire Ross-Brown, Richard Boon, DR (Danish television), Turbo B (Snap).

Annemarie Zimakoff joins them on some of their tracks and she in herself is an acknowledged underground artist on the Danish songwriter stage. She has received numerous praising reviews for her two self released acoustic solo albums “Ivory” (2008) and “The Girl Without Music” (2010) and performed in USA, Germany, Slovakia, Faroe Islands and Dublin.

Polar Rundfunks way of working is the proof of a brave new world where bands form and develop their songs mainly by collaborating on the Internet. The times of band rehearsals in dirty garages may have long gone, but the recipe of Annemarie’s bittersweet young girly voice and Christians and Berry’s beats and sounds that cooks up a magic dream world – is as old as the universe, and still works remarkably well.

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