UTD6026: Zetandel – Listen To The Rain & Clean

UTD6026: Zetandel - Listen To The Rain & Clean

Next up on United we take a trip to the downtempo world of Ukrainian producer Zetandel. We are pleased to feature a vocal, downtempo, synth, micro-epic two tracker.

First up Zetandel works with Ange on “Listen To The Rain”. It is a broody, piano-led, chilled song which manages to convey a mixture of hope, angst and drama all into its haunting vocal. For the second track “Clean” plucky synth riffs and gated-pads paint a perfect synthwashed backdrop to the forlorn vocal from Eva Kade.

Two thoughtful numbers for those more pensive moments.

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UTD6027: Sunner Soul – Walking To The Sun EP

UTD6027: Sunner Soul - Walking To The Sun EP

So how can you come from Siberia and make some of the warmest, sunset-blissed and relaxing music around?
Well lets ask Siberian based Sunner Soul… Because the 30 year old producer has just delivered a fine two track to us here at United.

“Walking To The Sun” opens up the EP and the title exactly describes the music. Its truly is an aural soundtrack to a walk into the sun in warm Mediterranean evening. Lazy drums, darting synths, mellow keys and a laid back groove that oozes sunset.

The EP is completed with the pensive “That Is Not Organic”. Quirky pads, cool FX, stutter edits, jazz sensibilities and an ever present jazz ride symbol mean this is one fine track mood setter. Set dials to “chill out” and relax.

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UTD6025: Ivan Boyarkin – Sometimes

UTD6025: Ivan Boyarkin - Sometimes

Next up on United Recordings we take a smooth, saxy ride with our Moscow based host Ivan Boyarkin. He sets the stylistic dials to 1980 with his ever so smooth “Sometimes”.

Ivan is a Russian composer, producer, saxophonist, keyboard player. He has a music college degree in saxophone and has been playing music since he was six.

“Sometimes” features a virtuoso sax performance with a memorable and emotional melody. The smooth jazz backing acts as a perfect accompaniment and adds just enough body to the track. To back the main version up however we also feature the stripped back “acoustic” performance which brings the saxophone to the fore.

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UTD6024: Audio Affair – Chasma Boreale

UTD6024: Audio Affair - Chasma Boreale

Up next on United we are pleased to feature the 3rd single from the Italian collective, Audio Affair. Audio Affair are three friends, sound designers & musicians who work together in a famous recording studio in Milan called “Bips Studio”. They are Tony Carrasco (of Klein and MBO fame), who takes care of the sound direction, programming and keyboards, Maurizio Giannotti who plays guitar and keyboards and Saxophonist and knob twiddler Nicola Calgary. The trio meet up in their studio to create smooth, accessible and interesting downtempo and Balearic music.

Audio Affair return to United Recordings, with their third single ahead of a forthcoming album. “Chasma Boreale” may be named after a canyon on Mars but the music is a pure Asian / Balearic cross over bliss fest. The tune features as its centre point a Rhodes based keyboard riff. On top of this the trio have added a, pensive string pads, vocal chants, Asian percussive shakers and beats and tabla. While it may not work on paper is all works on the record and aurally it is a real treat.

For the remix Macedonian based Marga Sol strips things back into a chilled groove. She adds on lazy-summer guitar, smoldering trumpet and lethargic rhythms. All the while keeping the catchy keyboard riff and vocal chants at the forefront of the track.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Audio Affair album on United Recordings.

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UTD6023: Rubberlips – Hold On

UTD6023: Rubberlips - Hold On

Next on United we head off to the jazzier climes of West Yorkshire in England. Robert Burbidge has quietly and successfully carving out a name for himself in the downtempo jazz and chill space with his cunningly named Rubberlips project. Here with Jess Smethurst on super smooth vocals we are lucky to be releasing his downtempo stomper “Hold On”.

“Hold On” features subtle slap bass, handclaps, jazzy Rhodes and teasing brass all wrapped up in chill house groove. Its Jess’s voice however that steals the day with its super slick sexy tone. A fine tune. Keeping things in the UK for the remix we head off to the West of England for Situation who keep things on a jazzy downtempo vibe but take things further into the jazz club 2am territory. Things round off with the instrumental.

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Audio Affair

Audio Affair are three friends, sound designers & musicians who work together in a famous recording studio in Milan called “Bips Studio”. They are Tony Carrasco, who takes care of the sound direction, programming and keyboards, Maurizio Giannotti who plays guitar and keyboards and Saxophonist and knobb twiddler Nicola Calgary.

Audio Affair is a musical project of 3 close friends who used to run, record, write and engineer for many Italian and international recording artist around the world in a recording studio based in Milan, Italy, back in the day mid 80s.

In 1982 Tony Carrasco met Nick Calgary who owned this studio called Bips Studio, Tony Carrasco rented out the studio with Nick, where they engineered and remixed the hugely successful Italodance hit called ‘Maraciabo’ performed by Luisa Lu Colombo which was released on Moon Records, after the remix success they signed to EMI Italy. A friendship developed up to today with Nick Calgary, Tony Carrasco decided to work fulltime at Bips Studio writing, producing and remixing many recordings, if you look at Carrasco’s releases you will see credited “Recorded,Mixed & Engineered at Bips Studio Milan Italy. In 1990, as the studio becomes highly successful, Nick hires fulltime as in-house engineer at Bips Studio Maurizio Giannotti, a talented recording engineer and musician, and so it was that the Audio Affair triumvirate (Tony Carrasco,Maurizio Giannotti,Nick Calgary) was born.

Bips Studio today is a mastering and post-production setup with 2 studios, one in milan italy and the second studio in ticino switzerland, both studios are where Audio Affair tracks are recorded and produced. The Audio Affair music is a blueprint of cosmo techy rhythms with soundtrackish landscapes all produced with a hint of sunshine.

Tony Carrasco lives and constantly travels around Milan, Ticino (Switzerland) and Europe where he usually spends 7 months per year whereas the remaining months he likes to spend them in the sunny Miami Florida, recording, writing music & djing. Nick Calgary lives in Ticino (Switzerland) and Maurizio Giannotti lives in Milan, they also travel back and forth between both cities when we have to write and record music or perform live gigs.

The Audio Affair soundscapes are produced in 3 places Milan, Ticino and Miami. The writing and recording stages begins with Tony Carrasco and Maurizio Giannotti programming and recording music atmospheres, once this stage is over the various recording sessions with Nick Calgary’s sensual sax, melodic signatures and riffs begin.

Tony Carrasco is also know as the one half of Klein and MBO (he is Klein), the duo which created the top 100 of all time dance anthem “Dirty Talk”. Nick Calgary used to be Eros Ramazotti’s (Italian International Pop Artist) live tour sax player.

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UTD6022: Audio Affair – Meriem

UTD6022: Audio Affair - Meriem

Audio Affair return to United Recordings, with their second single ahead of a forthcoming album.

We don’t know about you, but the winter has really kicked in over here, so when Audio Affair told us they had a new single ready we were over the moon.

‘Meriem’ set’s the balearic boat a sail, hand drums, guitar stabs and warm, lush pads, delivering a small slice of summer sun for those of you, like us, sorely missing it and a big warm smile for the rest of you.

Domestic Technology turn in a more housey retouch, twisting the vibe of the original and setting it up for a late night jam session a la Café Del Mar.

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UTD6018: Audio Affair – Primavera

UTD6018: Audio Affair - Primavera

Up next on United we have the début release from Audio Affair. An Italian 3 piece comprising of Tony Carrasco, Maurizio Giannotti and Nicola Calgari.

The original is a dreamy downtempo cut, perfect for those late summer nights on the beach. Ilya Santana turns in a trademark nu-disco roller. Audio Affair & Klein & MBO’s own Tony Carrasco, delivers two slices of chilled, blissful ambience to round us off.

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UTD6021: Situation – Here Comes The Sun

UTD6021: Situation - Here Comes The Sun

Situation are a collective of Disco DJs, producers, editors and musicians hailing from the The Five Valleys in the UK. Here at United we are pleased to welcome their smooth, cool brand of downtempo chill-house back onto the roster.
“Here Comes The Sun” is one part laid-back and smooth, one part a jazzy groover and one part lounge house. All wrapped up with the pure vibe of summer. Perfect for the time of the season.

The track comes in three perfectly formed flavors. The original mix is first up. Jazzy Rhodes, mellow bass and poolside groove all form the perfect back drop to the sultry vocal from Lauren Rimell. The “Pool Side Remix” strips things back by flipping back on the grooves and upping the synthwashes, smooth guitar and mellow Rhodes keys. Perfect for the early evening warm up. To round off the package collective member “Mr Mulatto” chips in his “Rise Mix” which is a groovy houser. It adds in vibey drum machine grooves and elaborates on Laurens soulful vocal for the perfect 10pm slot.

Enjoy the summer. United

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UTD6017: Electric Zeus – Breathe The Ocean

UTD6017: Electric Zeus - Breathe The OceanElectric Zeus are from Australia (where we are sure they get out to Breathe The Ocean all the time). The duo is made up of Steve Peacock and Shane Barnes. The pair make high quality, chilled out, blissful, downtempo house music. Music for the sunsets, yachts and good times.

“Breathe The Ocean” is their debut track for United and it fits right in with our downtempo remit. Perfect for summertime.

The package comes in three flavors. The original version with slick beats, the “Chill pill” version from the duo themselves who stretch things out to “really laidback”. The remix comes from Norfolk UK based Headpocket who takes things on more experimental and electronic excursion, while keeping the flavors of the mellow orginal.

See you at the beachside bar, the United crew.


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UTD6016: Kim And Buran – Teleskope

UTD6016: Kim And Buran - TeleskopeKim & Buran don their balearic hats with ‘Teleskope’, a slice of Summer to brush away those Wintry blues we all seem to have been hit with! On the flip Ilya Santana delivers a trademark slo-mo-disco mix.


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UTD6015: Almunia – The Shiny River

UTD6015: Almunia - The Shiny RiverAlmunia is a new signing to us here at United and we couldn’t be happier to have the duo on board! With some fantastic releases on No Static Recordings and Claremont 56 we were very excited to see what would be delivered to the United Recordings HQ.

Easing you in to the single, the duo have started off with ‘The Shiny River’, this elegant, soft hearted track compiles energetic synth lines over back seated drum patterns. The whistful vocal contrasts the melodic over tones with slightly warped edges, all gently culminating together for this blissed out introduction.

Next up is ‘Feel Love’ which drifts out into the open with a down tempo groove, the mood enhances with some pokey disco synths that have a full embodiment of style. Guitar riffs dart around the back of the mix and create a masterful texture split.

Rounding off the single is ‘The Meaning Of Time’ which combines the softer sides of acoustic flare with the easy listening of relaxed disco rhythms. The progression builds into a sublime break down, introducing the vocals which carry you through to a suitably relaxed round off of the single.


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UTD6014: Situation – Bring Your Love Back

UTD6014: Situation - Bring Your Love BackSituation are back with us again at United, bringing with them some warming smooth house music to ease out those late winter blues and kick spring time off with a smile!

‘Bring Your Love Back’ is an easy groover of a lounge style house track that gives out nothing but that sunshine feeling, which is a safe bet to make you think about getting your love back to a dance floor in warmer climates!

The sunsine aura that emits from the original is enhanced in the Poolside Mix, a beatless version that utilises those bouncy stabs from the synth to give you that ultimate poolside vibe – cocktail in hand.

The Dom Thompson Dub remix comes at you with a slightly more beefed up version of original, a solid bass line gives more inclination towards throwing those shapes on the dance floor with that full bodied vocal, beautifully shaped into the mix to keep your smile as big as the synths that surround it.


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UTD6013: Electronic Bodyguards – You Can’t Stop Me Now

UTD6013: Electronic Bodyguards - You Can't Stop Me NowBased in the Netherlands Electronic Bodyguards are Robin “JAYDEE” Albers and French producer Ricoslide. The Electronic Bodyguards are all about smooth sensual sounds, rhythms and emotive songs. Following on from their eponymously titled album from 2012 we re-present of the albums cooler cuts, “You Can’t Stop Me Know”.

With the Electronic Bodyguards project Jaydee explores his downtempo side of his musical psyche. However there is many strings to this mans bow… Robin is actually also the producer of probably one of the best known House anthems ever. “Plastic Dreams”. Mixing in his house sensibilties the “Jaydee” remixe is a perfect combination of chilled house groove and jazzy downtempo chic. Backing up the release is the original track. Reminding us all of the slickness of the unique sound of the pairing …Electro-chill / deep-lounge / electronic downtempo at its finest.


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UTD6012: Eren Erdol – Alone In Brugge & Addicted

UTD6012: Eren Erdol - Eren Erdol is a jazz producer based out of Istanbul. His professional music career began after he started playing drums at a young age, a skill that took him across the continent as a live player as well as a session musician. Like many, his aspirations turned to production after years of work with prominent engineers and studios. 
In July 2011, Erdol completed his first EP “Late Night Dreams”.

A year later and Eren has honed his craft further and found his way to United Recordings. We present a double A-Side single featuring the tracks ‘Alone In Brugge’ and ‘Addicted’. As you can imagine, both tracks are lead predominantly by strong rhythmic content. ‘Alone In Brugge’ is steered by a elastic backbone of Jazz grooves, bold piano chops and warm bass tones. It’s complex and layered with saxophone solo and synth under-currents to complete a sound that we can only describer as ‘augmented live Jazz’.

‘Addicted’ continues in a similar vein, but the harmonic content is all more dissonant, creating an ebb and flow of stasis in the keys that ring out over the swung beats. The production is some of the best we’ve heard. Enjoy!


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UTD6011: Situation – Midnight

UTD6011: Situation - After a string of records for the likes of Nang and Cyclo Records plus their own imprint, Collective Situation arrive on United Recordings for a sumptuous 6 track EP of smokey vocal house titled ‘Midnight’.

The title track sounds effortless in its execution, an enviable blend of wispy vocal phrases from Lauren Rimell, restrained chords and sturdy low end. As the name suggests, it’s the perfect edit for those late-night intimate club sessions.

Griffen provides the first of 5 mixes. It’s a funky, complex rendition, doffing it’s cap to broken beat with some strong switch-ups and excellent drum work. Next up we have the Space Coast dub, bringing that laid back summer vibe to an otherwise twilight-orientated release. Watch out for the otherworldly synth motifs!

The package is complete with an instrumental of the original and a sneaky little original B-side titled ‘Feel Like A Queen’. It’s an altogether cheekier affair with some playful but equally as effective vocals from Rimell accompanied by some peak-time crushed disco funk. the keys are fire on this one!


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UTD6007: Audio Luxury – Flying Notes

UTD6007: Audio Luxury - Hailing from Ulyanovsk, Russia, Alik Faeshanov a.k.a Audio Luxury has mastered the art of crisp, clean disco-fused productions. His stunning two-track single for United recordings is, in our eyes (and ears), up there with some of the finest electronic downtempo music available.

‘Flying Notes’ is a exercise in mood programming, it’s momentum is lead by a fluctuating arpeggio, a relatively simple device, but it’s the way he incorporates it with the other elements that has us won. bounding chords and synthesizer flourishes light up the mix, help strong by a smooth, crisp drum beat. It’s a joy on headphones and speakers alike.

‘Think About You’ utilises a similar palette of sound but the structure has more bounce and funk. The feeling is enhanced by the chicken-grease guitar picks and delayed fluted phrases that entwine around the beat.

Expect more from this talented Russian on United in the near future!


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UTD6010: Sunharbour – Out To Sea

UTD6010: Sunharbour - “Out To Sea”Sunharbour are a London based collective of 14 musicians based around guitarist and producer Simon Kusnierek. Their varied sounds mixes organic jazz grooves, an onboard string section, acoustic-guitar based song based sensibilities and layers of intricate musicianship. Vocals are provided by a Tnisha Johnson, Rachel Huggins, Nancy J Brown & Junior Williams.

As you would expect from a 14 member pool of influences the Sunharbour sound is wide and expansive. The music is downtempo and grown up…. part Zero 7 sheen, part Penguin Café presence, part trip-hop groove, part summer beat movie soundtrack but all focused around a core of great songs.

Opening things up is “Ain’t All That” a wandering excursion into summer days, uplifting strings and Nick Drake guitars. “Mind Echoes” trips into melancholy territory with London based Junior Williams delivering a finely mood setting vocal over fluid grooves and triphop beats . Insurgence is all about the building of musical tension via jazzier, musical textures. “Welcome Home” juxtaposes programmed beats and bass with free flowing chamber orchestra string washes.
Recent single, “Wisdom” creates a haunting and poignant pause in the record before ‘Sailing’ mixes in some earthy picked-guitar and mellow synth-lines to create a summers day Penguin-Café style soundtrack. “Anticipation” returns to summer days this time with Tnisha pairing with Spanish guitar and themes. “Mirrors” takes the album down a darker, haunting crescent.

With ‘A Spark’ Junior once again takes on the lead vocal duty, to deploy his breathy, soulful swinging presence to bear. “Strange” mixes in swinging beats, Celtic strings and moody brass stabs. The record finishes off with the darkly brilliant “The Night” and the forlorn “Alone”.

Their debut album has been years in the making but resulting record (which was recorded at Abbey Road) was definitely worth the wait.


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